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Usa Portable Ultrasound Scanner Laptop Machine Ultrasonic Systems Cms600p2probe Review


Portable Ultrasound Scanner Laptop Machine CMS600P2 For Human Option 4 Probe,USA


IntroductionsThe notebook type CMS600P2 is a full  digital B-Ultrasound diagnostic system. It adopts embedded operating system,  which greatly optimizes the product performance. The system is taken more  conveniently for its high effective data processing ability, pop-up menu and  keyboard design. It includes rich measuring software packages that satisfy the  clinic diagnostic need fully.

Main Features◆The device which adopts linux embedded  operating system, has well compatibility, transplantable character, and flexible  expansibility.◆It adopts advanced full digital beam-forming, real time  dynamic aperture, real time dynamic receiving apodization, real time dynamic  receive focusing, frame correlation, modern image processing technology etc.,  which improves image quality.◆The system can be taken conveniently for  notebook type, built-in battery, high integration of unit, small volume, light  weight.◆It adopts touch type folding keyboard, flexible and shortcut  trackball operation, which greatly quicken the test speed.◆Neat and  convenient image managing function which can print and export report.◆It  includes rich measuring software packages:obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology,  urology, small parts. Many probes can be chosen, and wide application can  satisfy the clinic diagnostic need fully.◆Near gain, far gain and total gain  can be adjustable alone.◆Possess external memory function.◆Can be connected to the video printer, inkjet printer, laserjet printer.

Main Performance Display mode:B,2B,4B,B/M,M Image  gray scale:256Monitor:10.1 inch TFT LCD Display resolution  :1024*600Lateral resolution:2 mm (near field)  4 mm (far field)Axial  resolution:2 mm (near field)  2 mm (far field)Dead zone:≤3 mmDisplay  depth:≤240 mmHorizontal geometric position precision:≤5%Vertical l  geometric position precision:≤5%Zoom:0.9, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5,  2.0Cine loop:600 framesImage storage:2048 framesBody  mark:43Focus:The number and position can be adjustable.Assistant  tool:Puncture guide and histogramObstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, small  parts, urology etc. can generate reports automatically.Measurement:Distance,  circumference, area, volume,angle, ratio, slope etc.Support Chinese, English  language interface display and input.The management interface menu, Chinese  and English operating systems, image processing default and a key function of  optimization.Measurement formula can be set up differently according to the  different race. Comment:Date, time, name, hospital,number, frame rate,  depth, gain, dynamic range, frame correlation, frequency etc.Image  processing:Controllable frame correlation, gamma correction, histogramImage  conversion:Up and down, left and right, black and whiteTissue harmonic  imagingScreen comments function in both Chinese and EnglishSupport USB  storageUpdate software though USBInterface:USB,Video,VGA

Standard Configuration3.5 MHz convex probe, 2.0 MHz~5.0  MHz

6.5 MHz endo-vaginal probe, 5.0  MHz~8.5 MHz7.5 MHz linear probe, 5.0 MHz~10.0 MHz

3.5 MHz Micro convex probe

Physical IdentityDimension:292 mm*232 mm*45  mmWeight:2.3 kg

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